What is Cloud Server? What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud Server, it is to some degree PaaS , it is a sort of Cloud Storage.Cloud Server was sent on development stage, it can upgrade easily without affecting the working data.


Cloud VPS – Virtual Private Cloud Server, it was virtualization from a physical server. Various VPS can shared data from one physical server and various VPS were part from one physical server, it help to enormous needs of customers.

Comparison: Cloud Server and VPS.

Cloud VPS Cloud Server
technology platform Models of Virtuozzo Containers Model of Hypervisor
Where to saving data Physical Servers SAN – Storage Area Network
The storage space it is restricted by it depends on the storage space of physical servers Unrestricted
Operating system was support Only support the Linux operating system so it is mean: users can not choose operating system support many operating systems: Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, … so that the user can select the operating system they like
Data Sources it is restricted, by it depends on the data storage of physical servers Extensive data is constantly updated
Capability of Backup Without backup, data will be lost when the physical server fails. Auto Backup
Scalability / lowering data No Yes
Speed read / write of data it depends on the speed of read / write of data from physical servers Speed read / write data fast and stable
The ability of operating when physical server fails The VPS can fail Normal activity because it has ability to switch between many physical servers.
Flexibility of Data Management Fixed on the physical server Versatile, user can manage data via mobile devices
Security It have not protect data High
Productivity of operating it is virtualized by physical server,so it can not activity desired of the user, it depends on the operating performance of the physical server it is virtualized based on cloud computing technology; it meet the desired operational productivity of user.
Cost Must pay the full for configuration VPS Pay only what you use: CPU, RAM, ..


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